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When traumatic incidents happen at work, productivity and morale drop dramatically.  Staff members who are victimized at work may suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which left untreated may lead to fear of attending work, alienation from coworkers, decreased output and a loss of quality employees.  One of the best ways of preventing PTSD is to provide immediate, on scene assistance to victims of crime and trauma.  Victim Services Volunteers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist all victims in the Region, including persons who are victimized at work.  Volunteer teams can be effective in helping workplaces cope with sudden deaths, robberies, burglaries, assaults, domestic violence and any other incident that may arise at work, or could affect the lives of employees.

To arrange for volunteers to attend your workplace, either on scene or at a later date for debriefing, please have your Human Resources Department (or applicable personnel member) call (519) 585-2363, or ask the responding emergency service provider to arrange for assistance.

Workplace Presentations

With our Region’s low unemployment rate, it is critical to address workplace safety!  Whatever kind of work you do, being safe at work is important.  While workplaces are used to complying with Ministry standards regarding use of equipment, exposure to chemicals and other workplace hazards, many workplaces are finding that people are being victimized at work.  Domestic violence, assaults, accidents, robberies and burglaries are just a few of the incident types workplaces are now dealing with.  Victim Services staff and volunteers are available to present to your workplace on a variety of topics, including general workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Consultations

Workplaces are busy places, where productivity depends upon employees.  If employees feel unsafe, their happiness and output are both in jepoardy.  Whether or not your workplace has experienced an incident, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead.  By creating policies and procedures, maintaining your workplace grounds and obtaining resources, your workplace can become more safe and a better environment to work in.

Victim Services of Waterloo Region is willing to work with companies to ensure that they are aware of current workplace safety practices and trends, and can make on-site visits to help them audit their current safety levels, and exceed them.

Workplace Safety Links

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