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Victim Services of
Waterloo Region

School Outreach Program

School Collaboration Opportunities

Victim Services of Waterloo Region encourages collaboration with educators, schools, colleges, universities and school boards to create effective training and educational sessions and materials in areas surrounding victimization.  For more information, please contact our Executive Director.

Contact Information Email: Bruce Moffat
Phone: 519- 650-8500 (ext. 6329)

School Debriefings

Incidents occurring at schools or towards members of the school community can have a lasting and profound effect upon school morale.  Students, teachers, staff and parents are all likely to be impacted by the event, and this can lead to fear, behavioural problems, acting out and a lack of interest in schoolwork and activities.

Interventions performed by qualified teams of volunteers can be of assistance in voicing fears and concerns, before they lead to more permanent difficulties.  Support from these teams can be directed at large groups, who are able to pinpoint individuals who are in need of additional assistance on a personal level.

Knowing that there is a caring person to listen confidentially can help all stakeholders to address the concerns and fears that might prevent them from learning, working and trying to recover from grief.  Referrals to counselling and other community programs can be provided to those in need of additional assistance, to further the healing process.

Our agency can provide assistance for students and teachers on-site, and can also provide assistance in coordinating efforts for school response to trauma.

To arrange for an on-site debriefing, please call (519) 585-2363.

If calling outside of office hours, please call the answering service number given by our phone message to reach a representative.

School Presentations

Presentations we offer:

  • Bullying
  • Counselling as a Career
  • Grief and Bereavement
  • A Response to School Violence
  • Traffic Fatalities
  • Our Services
  • Other (customized to meet school’s need)

Arranging a presentation

To arrange for an information session for your school, please contact us.

Resources for Educators

The National Association of School Psychologists

The National Educational Association

Crisis Communications Guide and Toolkit

The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

The Canada Safety Council

The Canadian Public Health Association and the National Crime Prevention Strategy – Safe School Surveys

In September of 2003, the Organization was transferred to the authority of the Ministry of the Attorney General (V.C.A.R.S.) and became Victim Services of Waterloo Region.