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Domestic Violence Links

The following links are provided to victims and the general public in obtaining additional information and assistance on victimization issues. Should you know of a link that should be added, please email it to:

Confronting Lesbian Abuse
Designed to increase understanding of lesbian abuse, and to offer suggestions for all concerned with abuse in lesbian relationships.


Marillac Place
Offers housing and outreach to independent women 15-25 who are pregnant, have their child(ren) in their care, or are attempting to regain care of their child(ren). Can accommodate children up to two years of age.


Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment
An actuarial assessment that assesses how likely a man is to assault his partner again, and how his risk compares with that of other wife assaulters. The ODARA also predicts the speed and number of recidivistic offenses and the severity of injuries caused.
Information on domestic violence for immigrant and refugee women.


Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre
Providing medical and forensic services at Cambridge Memorial Hospital and St. Mary?s Hospital.


The Assaulted Women’s Hotline
A 24-hour telephone and TTY crisis line for women in the province of Ontario, they also speak to friends and family members of abused women, service providers and other professionals in contact with abused women.


The Catholic Family Counselling Centre
Check their Resources section for information on clearing history from a web browser so that abusive partners can not track the sites their partner has accessed.


The Danger Assessment Scale
An assessment used to determine the degree of domestic violence danger that an individual is in.


The Gay Partner Abuse Project
Provides support, education and advocacy for men who experience violence and abuse in intimate same-sex relationships.


The National Clearing House on Domestic Violence
Canada’s information clearing house on violence against children, the elderly, women, men and family members.


The Ontario Women’s Justice Network
An online legal resource on issues related to justice and violence against women and children.


Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region
Provides shelter and safety planning for women and children victims of domestic abuse.